Swiss Gold Glaze is a mineral glaze, a paint, a stuck formed by an aqueous dispersion of quartz sand, with a polychromatic finish.

Used as a mineral base for indoor and outdoor coatings.

With its consolidating process, it turns into the same body, insoluble in water and highly breathable by its inorganic base.

Its main function is to unify and sublimate the material.

Our solution is unique in the field of decoration. The most prestigious knowhow of the ancient world is revisited and adapted to the aesthetics of the contemporary world.

Swiss Gold Glaze offers a different brightness then conventional decorative coatings and has unmatched results in the field of decoration, the rendering is sumptuous.

The material is noble and in order to fully meet your expectations and requirements it is a sustainable protection.

The shades, colors and pigmentations are endless, we create for each project a unique sample, the color of your personality.

Healthy environments

SGG is harmless and non-toxic. It is a pure mineral compound.

It is for this reason that SGG is totally suitable for people who suffer from chemical sensitivity.

Its use is recommended for enclosed spaces, hospitals, nurseries, nursing homes, hotels, offices and showrooms.

Swiss Gold Glaze has a longer lifespan than synthetic paints due to its unique composition, giving it much more enduring and flexible properties.